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* submission tip - Carefully consider the impact of frames on search engines if your site uses them. Search engines will usually only index the title and meta tags for the parent frame. This can result in a 300+ page site where every page is indexed on the same title and meta tags, regardless of tags that are included in the child frames.

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Search Who

Feed reach: 20.7
Search Who Search Engine :  Home Page
Free Search Engine Submission :  yes
Free Submission :  [http://www.sea...]
Email Confirmation :  yes
Forced Membership :  no
Paid Listing :  None
Pay Per Click :  [http://www.sea...]
Affiliate Program :  [http://www.sea...]
Free Api :  [http://www.sea...]
Pay Api :  [http://www.sea...]
Alexa Reach Rank :  50707
Alexa Reach :  23
% From Search :  85
Search Traffic :  19.55
% From Directory :  5
Directory Traffic :  1.15
Total Relavant Traffic :  20.7

Feed Reach : 

Description :  In an age where search engine scoring is a topic of hot debate, SearchWho has neatly side stepped the issue by allowing searchers to select the method their results are ranked by. Surfers can have their results ranked by score, title, or engine. This is exactly the kind of added extra that sets a search engine apart and this site has lots of them.

Extended Info

Search Engine Affiliate Programs Showing 5 - 9
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Reach: With one advertising buy, you can reach up to 80% of all Internet users because you’ll be listed on some of the best search engines and portals on the Web.
Targeted Leads: Customers who click on your search listings are pre-qualified, motivated and looking for what you have to offer.
Bottom Line Results: You control the cost of acquiring new customers, and you pay only for targeted leads. This translates into a high return on your advertising investment. Sign up with Overture now!

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